Zeus is Dead by Micheal G. Munz (Book Review)

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient AdventureZeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure by Michael G. Munz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With just under 500 pages, this book is a helluva lot longer than anything I’ve read recently, but the description looked promising so I gave it a shot. The basic structure is built like most books I’ve read, but that’s the only thing typical about it. “May I read your shirt in braille, Miss?” Gems like this one pop up throughout the book, and even at the end where many authors lose steam, Mr. Munz carries his humor all the way through. It’s definitely not a quick read, but each chapter offers great amusement on its own, and within the larger context of the story. The end of each chapter left me with a chuckle every time, and the introduction into the next did the same. Often, I’d read the next chapter’s intro just because, even when I knew I’d (sadly) have to put it down until my next reading opportunity. Well edited and with a great cover, Zeus is Dead clearly falls under the category of professionally produced e-books, this author is the real deal. Throughout the book the author is a visible narrator, but he does so in such a way that that in itself is also funny. The characters, though numerous, were easy to keep track of as individuals because the author treated them as such. Each character has clearly defined traits displayed throughout the text. With a humorous book like this, (imo) the author ran the risk of those characters becoming caricatures, but he deftly avoided gross exaggeration for the sake of effect, relying instead on his character development skills to bring them to life. I intend to read more from Michael G. Munz.

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Beasts of Burdin (Book Review)

I’m slowly but surely making my way through all the books I’ve purchased recently, and just finished reading Beasts of Burdin, by Alexander Nader. Alex is a rambling class-clown of wordsmithery, and a talented writer of action adventure. His tales have a dark twist that draw me right in. You can get to know him pretty well by checking out his blog, Eloquent Until The All Caps Cussing, and jumping into one hair-brained Twitter conversation after the next with @AlexNaderWrites. You never know what you’ll catch him and the Prose Before Ho Hos bros rambling about, but it’s certain to be entertaining.

Oh, and Buy His Book. 😛

Beasts of Burdin

by Alexander Nader


Demon hunter Ty Burdin hung up his guns, knife, trench coat and fedora a year ago.
Bags packed, hands washed of all demon politics, he’s done. Forever.
In fact, to get far far away, he dragged Nora, his rockabilly secretary, from Miami to the Tennessee mountains where he’s lived a life of peace—if peace can be defined as drowning in scotch and taking private eye jobs to keep the lights on. Jobs for real people. Not demons.
No demons.
He’s retired from that. Remember?
Demon hunters aren’t a dime a dozen, though, and when Ty’s brother asks him for a favor—just one—what’s a brother to do? Agreeing to take down one hillbilly demon shouldn’t take that long. In. Decapitate. Out. Favor complete. Back to the office where Nora and his bottle of whiskey are waiting.
Unfortunately for Ty, staying retired doesn’t seem to be in the cards, and an avalanche of bad luck draws him right back to an agency he despises and the career that nearly cost him his sanity.
This time, Ty has no way out and will have to face his own demons just to survive.

Beasts of Burdin is the very definition of action packed. (My Review)

Alexander Nader delivers a swift, round-house kick to the head right from the start. The action just does not stop. I have no fingernails left. Though this book is a complete knockout on its own, I definitely see more misadventures in Ty Burdin’s future. I can’t help but look for a bit of romance in everything I read, and Nader teases with the possibility. It’s just enough to satisfy the girly part of me, but this book isn’t a mushy, sappy romance. Beasts of Burdin is the very definition of action packed adventure, with a dark soul and teasing, rough-edged wit.

Dirk McAwesome

Dirk McAwesome

by Richard Junk

Available at:



This tongue-in-cheek short story follows the exploits of Dirk McAwesome as he opposes a formidable colony of giant fire breathing space ants. Close your eyes and think back to your days visiting the local hobby shop, being regaled with tales of how great some nerd’s hero was, then open your eyes and read this story! This text is best when paired with a room temperature beverage, carbonated to the reader’s taste.

Hilarious from start to finish (My Review)

I’ve not laughed so much in quite a while. The whole thing, from start to finish, had me going. Reminds me of The Evil Dead. I can’t wait to read McAwesome’s next adventure. This author has a way of twisting the rules of writing, turning them into absolute hilarity. I do envy his style. I’ll be back for more Junk.
To read free McAwesomeness, check out Dirk Gets the Mail. If you like what you see, there’s plenty more where that came from!