About Writing

The thing about writing is that while the basics remain the same, everyone’s journey is different. Therefore, our interpretations and how we understand those basics vary from one writer to the next. Here, I explore various aspects of writing, including but not limited to editing and revising. I’ll give advice based on what I’ve picked up along my own path, and you can take what’s useful to you and leave the rest. If you have something to add to the conversation, by all means please do.



About Writing: Preferential Descriptors

How important is it that your readers see the same scene you wrote? Preferential descriptors can make them doubt you if they disagree with your assessment of a scene you’ve described. Sometimes it’s best to avoid them altogether.

About Writing: The End

The end is an abstract notion comprised of that moment when a story’s conflict reaches resolution.

About Writing: Where Do I Begin?

I’ve written about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, but I’ve missed the most important part!

About Writing: Positional Transition

Are We There Yet?

How do you know if your reader is following the movements – from one place to another – of your characters?

About Writing: Peripheral Elements

What exists in our peripheral field of perception?

About Writing: Peripheral Characters

Peripheral characters add depth to a story by populating the world main and supporting characters live in.

About Writing: Seek and Destroy

This article isn’t for the writer in you, it’s for the editor. When you’ve got the first draft completed, and it’s had some time to breathe, sit down with this list. Be prepared to seek and destroy. Brutally.

About Writing: Phases of Editing

Four Phases of Editing:

Comprehensive edit, line edit, copy edit, and proofreading.

About Writing: Voice

Learn to identify the voice that wants you to quit, and stand up to it. Every time. And learn to identify the voice that drives you to continue, no matter what.

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