My Reviews at Amazon

Hey, folks! Reading is something I greatly enjoy, and writing reviews is one of the ways I try to help fellow authors. Unfortunately, posting reviews to Amazon and Goodreads and here is becoming a bit much. So, for the foreseeable future, I’ll only be posting my reviews to Amazon.

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My January reviews:

Rationality Zero by J.M. Guillen
(The Dossiers of Asset 108)
5 stars

The Primary Protocol by J.M. Guillen
(The Dossiers of Asset 108 Book 2)
5 stars

The Tooth Collector by Lindsay Goddard
(And Other Tales of Terror)
4 stars

The Verse of Sibilant Shadows by J.M. Guillen
(A Set of Tales from the Irrational Worlds)
5 stars

Matters of Love by Margaret Locke
(2 Book Series)
Note: I have it on very good authority that more are coming!
5 stars

Matter of Time by Margaret Locke
(Matters of Love Book 2)
5 stars

Sonoran Dreams by Robb Grindstaff
(Three Short Stories from Exile)
5 stars

Massacre at Lonesome Ridge by Samantha Warren
(A Zombie Western)
3 stars

Tower by Daniel Arthur Smith
4 stars